Saturday, February 28, 2015

It has been awhile......

I knew it had been a while since I last posted, I just didn't realize how long!  One reason I had held off was because we had been told that Aaron was going to be one of the newest Jackson Kayak regional team members.  It took a while for it to finally come through and I had hoped to make an announcement on here because I am so proud of my husband!  Once it finally came though we were busy with some other stuff and now here we are, about 3 and a half months since my last post.

Unfortunately I do not have anything great to report in the weight loss department.  I can report that in early December for various reasons (non that are good), I stopped taking my depression medicine. I am still off the medicine and doing well for the most part.  I have moments where I question being off them but I do feel that I'm handling things well. I'm working really hard to think about all the things I am grateful for and to pray. 

I am working hard to get the house organized because we plan on being here for a really long time. We are working hard to get our budget worked out and I know that these things will help me be less stressed.  Aaron and I are working to get our elliptical in the house so that we can both get moving.  I really want to run a half marathon and while a treadmill would be better, an elliptical is what I have to help get me moving when running outside is not an option.  I have never really considered myself a runner. In middle school I could run a pretty quick mile but I don't think I ever ran more than 2 or 3  miles at a time.  It was normally just a mile for a warm up.  I did take a running class when we were in The Woodlands and I was starting to enjoy the time alone with just my thoughts.  I'm hoping to not rely on music while I run except for maybe having it just in case on long run.

Prayers are greatly appreciated as I continue to try and move forward with my exercise and weight loss!